Gardening and Making New Garden Beds

I have been super busy the past few months getting my gardens prepped in my new back yard. We moved last year so I am having to make all new garden beds and everything. Not fun but it has to be done because I love playing in the dirt. I do love challenges, and this … Continue reading Gardening and Making New Garden Beds

Looking for an Easter Gift?

Easter is coming and finding the right stuff to fill your child's Easter basket is important. Why not stop by my shop and check out some of the cute items for sale there that are available for children. You can find them here.   Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful … Continue reading Looking for an Easter Gift?

Places to find me hanging out.

Hey I have a lot of social networks and people usually do. I have several places you can find my little updates here and there and here is a short list of them. I imagine that this one will grow. Keep up with news and upcoming events by following me here: Etsy: Instagram: reading Places to find me hanging out.