Gardening and Making New Garden Beds

I have been super busy the past few months getting my gardens prepped in my new back yard. We moved last year so I am having to make all new garden beds and everything. Not fun but it has to be done because I love playing in the dirt. I do love challenges, and this one is a big challenge. We now live in a house that has a giant slope in the front and back yard. The yard is also mostly rock dirt. No good top soil whatsoever! I have for now decided to go the most affordable route I can because we have to purchase the dirt to put in the garden beds. So we have made a few beds out of some materials given to us.

I do have the big storage totes I have always grown stuff in. They are working well for my sunflowers and cucumbers.


I have two beds I made from cutting up pallets that were given to us. They are holding our squash and zucchini.

I have tons of containers I also am using just for this season to get us by for now. 






A project I am working on is making garden beds out of sticks and twigs that we are cleaning up out of the yard and clearing out the area that has grown up around the fences. Which I will be soon filling with dirt and will take care of the rest of our crops for this season. This idea also helps me with the slope in the yard because I can use this method to make a terraced yard. It will be also easier to walk in.




I hope your Spring time is going well. At least it is getting me out in the yard, and I am getting some exercise for sure! I enjoy this stuff, and it’s really rewarding. I will be posting soon updates of the progress and the growth of the plants we have been working with.


Have a Blessed day


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