New Pattern-Crochet Garden Gnome

*April 9, 2020 Edit for update:

I was reviewing this post and checking on things. I realized that when I went to the site that the patter is no longer available on Blueprint. I apologize for this. If you are interested in the patter please message me.

*February 2, 2019 Edit for update:

I have soon found out that Craftsy has changed and is called Bluprint now. I will still have the pattern up for sale you will just have to email me. I also have this item up for sale in my store. Check it out here.


I listed a pattern for sale up on Craftsy yesterday. I want to try to start selling mygnome glasses

designs from when I made toys a long time ago.

This item doubles as a toy and a unique item that most of us who wear glasses would benefit from. This little guy will hold your glasses on your night stand while you sleep, or you can just have it to have as a cute little decoration hanging around the house. Make them in any color I would say.

The pattern is sold here .

And if you just want me to make it for you instead…you can purchase the toy handmade by yours truly here.

If you need help with it feel free to contact me any time. I had a lot of fun designing this guy and making him. I hope others will too.

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