Sweet Pickles

Okay, bet you thought I was fixing to start talking about some sweet pickles, huh? Well, I will get to that in a few minutes. So bear with me. Time after time I tell myself I am going to sit down and write this out. Good grief you figure it would happen by now. I know it’s been a while since my last post. Yaaaadeee dada. Well, I have no excuse really. I should just do it.

Between work, my lil one, unpacking (because we moved), and so much more. It’s been crazy. I should have took pictures and wrote about all that. I should have been on here telling everyone about the shock that scared me when my husband almost let our refrigerator fall on him coming off the moving truck. Not to mention the countless times I ran into doorways and walls because I don’t have my bearrings about this house. It’s all new and I am still learning. In my old house I could walk around in pitch black darkness and not have a scratch. During the day time I would stub my big toe on the threshold of my bedroom doorway. In this new house, It’s different. We have bare floors where we have ripped up carpet. Some floors have nice hardwood underneath. My office has plywood. Gosh I love it. Not! Can you imagine the injuries we have had? Yeah.

But sometimes don’t you just think about it? You just step back and ask yourself, “What is all this mess for?” I remember telling my husband we are going to fix this place up and make it good again. It’s his mom’s house and we are living here while we fix it up. I feel like I am in that old movie that came out in the 80’s called the “Money Trap.” It was a really good movie and filled with lots of laughs. We aren’t laughing right now. There are costs that come along with getting down to the bare minimum to make something great again. I am not talking only about financial costs. Although, those are the most common. I am talking about other kinds of costs.

Self love, pride, self pity, denial, hate, lack of faith, loss of hope, and anger.

Yeah those things are some that we tend to hide from others and we don’t want to show them. I mean you can go through life and just keep sweeping that mess underneath the rug, but then what you going to do when you have someone that comes in and throws that rug out? Guess what, you are all exposed. The stains, the dirt, the old stuff, and the stuff you didn’t want others to see is out in the open for all to see. What if you don’t have the financial means or any other means to buy new floors to fix it. You have to look at that floor with all it’s imperfections staring back at you. Each one tells you what you did. Then what you going to do? Satan loves to poke at you with that one. Then…

Some get mad, some go on and yell, some just sit there and pout. Whatever you do, don’t lose sight of why you ripped up the carpet in the first place. Remember?

God likes to get down way down to the nitty gritty about things. He wants us to take off all those layers that we build up to protect ourselves. God wants us to shed it all off, so he can come in and clean it up and make it so beautiful.

Ephesians 4:22-24

that, in reference to your former manner of life, you lay aside the old self, which is being corrupted in accordance with the lusts of deceit, and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.

So about sweet ol’ pickles. If anyone knows me really well I don’t like pickles at all. I think they are gross and it’s just BLAH!!! Sweet pickles though. I will eat one when I am in the mood. Cucumbers are turned into pickles. Now I love me a good cucumber sliced up and dipped into my favorite homemade ranch dressing. Then, I get to thinking about people making them into pickles. My face drawls up. LOL

Is that not how life is sometimes? It’s an old southern saying, “Well, I am in a pickle aren’t I?” Yeah, I say it. I am in the south. Yep. I have been in quite a few pickles here lately. My face drawls up too when I am stressed and overwhelmed. Then my dear and faithful God pulls me aside and reminds me to be that cool cucumber. We sometimes cannot go back because so much damage by the stress has been done. So, why not be a little old sweet pickle. I am still sour because I am learning, but I am so sweet. It turns into a treat! Yea I know silly, but it works. That sweet pickle then gets used into tons of amazing recipes. See how God works?


Back to my floors…



When we let go and let God take over. He will come in and clean up and polish us to make us shine. We will shine so good that others will see how GREAT GOD IS. I don’t like looking at my office floor or my living room floors, but when I look at the floor my husband and I did together in our bedroom I get a sense of pride. The good kind of pride that God allows us to have. Not the one that m


akes us sin. The one that makes you confident in yourself that you can do things to make things better. God gives us that strength to do those things. We just have to trust in Him, have faith in Him, and know that He will get us through it all. There might be one shiny floor in this house, but I hold on to hope that I know the rest of this house is going to look really good.

I hope this post blessed you today. I pray you find peace in whatever you are going through. Leave a comment, and share some love.

Have a blessed day!

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