10 Cheap or Free Date Ideas

date ideas.jpg

We all know that dating is great. Getting to know one another is what makes it interesting. Over time my husband and I love to still date each other. It makes it fun and we make memories in the process. However, it takes a toll on the bank account. So finding some low cost or my favorite FREE date ideas is a must. So I have compiled a list of ideas that hubby and I use as our bonding time when we are kid free. This also can apply to those young couples who have no children in their lives yet. Here are 10 ideas you can use to go out and have some fun with.

  1. Visit a state park together. Make a picnic and take a blanket to enjoy the beautiful scenery that our country’s finest state parks have.
  2. Go to the big city nearby and walk/window shop all the stores. Hubby and I love to do this one. It was actually our first date. We went to big downtown city nearby, parked the car, and just walked around the area. There was lots of tourist attractions in this area along with an art museum, walking bridge, and a large park by the riverside. We are people who like to walk a lot, so this was alot of fund and romantic.
  3. Go gaze at a sunset together. You cannot escape the sun. One of the most romantic times is to see a sunset with that special someone. So go find a special place that gives you a great view of this. You can pack a meal or snack with drinks and just enjoy it until the sun says goodnight. Hubby and I have a special place on a mountain top stop where you also might catch people hang gliding at times.
  4. Take a tour of your town. Or one nearby. Did you know that your town has loads of things to do for free. There is always events going on in your hometown. The reason for this is to drive in people to increase revenue. It creates appeal to your sweet humble little place you call home. I live in a town that is absolutely charming. I love it’s history. Being in the south we are covered up with old style mansions that were here since the civil war. We also have festivals often. It’s free to look and we always bring some money to buy something that appeals to our appetite.
  5. Play a sport together. Some like going to a recreation center and using baseball/softball equipment and just play a game of ball. Also, you could do like my husband and I have done in the past just go play a round of disc golf. When I first met him I had no idea what this was. Then he showed me it was an actual sport. I enjoy it, and it’s not at all boring. The plus side is I believed I earned from this was some serious upper arm workout. It’s just like throwing a Frisbee.
  6. Go fishing. One of my favorites. Yes I am a girl who loves to go fishing. You can toss them back, or you can just take them home and have a good meal. Just make sure your licenses are up to date.
  7. Play a game of mini golf. It’s not just for kids. Most people have a mini golf course nearby. It’s goofy and it’s fun. Don’t forget to take some silly pics to make memories with.
  8. Go on a road trip. There are so many country roads to travel on. Fill up the tank in the car and see where it takes you.
  9. Visit an art museum. Go look at art together. Sometimes local art centers/galleries have a free day or half price admission day.
  10. Take a class together. You can go to the local home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot and also you can visit Michaels Craft store to learn new hobbies and handy techniques. I don’t know about you, but I am a woman who likes to learn how to lay down new flooring. My husband and I have discussed this.

I hope these ideas give you a good start on what to do. These ideas have been tested out by my husband and I. We love them and we continue to revisit these dating ideas all the time. Nothing like spending time with your best friend.



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